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Bar Admissions


Court Admissions

Supreme Court of Nevada

U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada


Whittier Law School (J.D.)

U.C. Berkeley (B.A.)


Military Service

U.S. Coast Guard 2000-2006


Mr. Julio Vigoreaux Jr., Esq, started his journey to family law through going through a custody battle, which ignited a passion in him to advocate and litigate for worthy parents. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard, serving from 2000 to 2006, Mr. Vigoreaux used his G.I. Bill to attend his undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley. Knowing that he was going to be a family law litigator, Mr. Vigoreaux majored in English and Rhetoric from the number one departments in the country. 

After graduating from UC Berkley, Mr. Vigoreaux went to Whittier Law School, so that he could be closer to his family. After, graduating law school, Mr. Vigoreaux worked for several personal injury firms until he returned to his passion in Family Law and was contract paralegal in California exclusive to Family Law for 5 years.

Of all his achievements, Mr. Vigoreaux is most proud of being a father to his son, who is a 4.13 scholar, young civil servant, and athlete. Helping worthy parents maintain a relationship with their children and fighting to always put his clients ahead Mr. Vigoreaux employs a coach style lawyering. 


How Did Coach Style Lawyering come into existence?


      During his personal custody suit, Mr. Vigoreaux hired an attorney for $7,000.00 who only lasted 5 months and put him in a worse position then before he hired her. On one instance, however, Mr. Vigoreaux had a family emergency on a Friday after 5:00 P.M. involving his son where he needed legal counsel. Yet, Mr. Vigoreaux was stranded without representation until Monday at 9:00am when his attorney’s office opened. By then the emergency worsened and his attorney withdrew as counsel.

     As a result of this personal experience, Mr. Vigoreaux responds to his client’s emergencies after hours via a direct private line. Since there are many family law issues that arise during the weekend, there is a response to clients 7 days a week. The same way a coach would make on field adjustments for his players in a game, is how Mr. Vigoreaux implements real time strategy with his clients as new facts in his cases unfold.




Rhetorical mastery of tone and persuasion using logical argument, emotional pleas, and positive and negative credibility assessments of jurors and witnesses. Teaches and instructs clients on Elocution and persuasive witness preparation.


Extremely high emotional I.Q.


English mastery. There are three levels of English: high, middle, and low. The most important part about English is using the least number of words to communicate the most meaning. English mastery is not only about communicating concisely, it is more about constructing word algorithms to rebut rhetorical fallacies in Motion writing and oral arguments. Extremely persuasive writer who convinces judges with writing before oral arguments begin.


Created his own family law writing style called “Legal Novella” that has a high success rate both in California as a paralegal and Las Vegas, Nevada as counsel.


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